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Factory restaurant
Project Management and Consulting
Fredrikinkatu 59 - A1
House renovation (Project management and contracting) 
Dra Consulting
House renovation (Project management and contracting)
Office renovation (Project management and Consulting)
Hanabölentie 3
Semi Detached house - new build (Project management and Consulting)

Projects in Africa (Somaliland)

The construction of a dublex residential building is currently underway. Utilising our long-term accumulated professional expertise, we aim to build high-quality and cost-effective houses. As a company, this is not our first project, but it will be our first breakthrough in Somaliland. Due to the challenges we identified in our latest feasibility study in Somaliland, we use both European and local skills. We guarantee you a high level of customer satisfaction by deploying the latest high-end building. 

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